What we do

We manufacture corrugated boxes, rolls and sheets. These are tailor made according to the needs of every individual client.

The box can be of:

  • Any Dimension
  • Any weight. Our product’s weight range varies from 50 grams to 20 kgs.
  • Any Ply – 3 to 11 ply.
  • Virgin imported paper as well as Kraft paper.

​Types of papers used for boxes

Kraft paper

Made from recycled paper pulp.

Duplex paper

Used generally where multiple colour printing is needed.

Virgin paper

Made from wood pulp

We're Good At

Our Products

Universal Boxes

  • Where purpose of packaging is just safety of product.
  • Made specifically according to products dimensions.

Die Punch Boxes

  • Where purpose of packaging is safety + enhancing impression of the product.
  • Niche product
  • Clients who require exclusive packaging for their products choose this highly superior quality custom made boxes.

Duplex Boxes

  • Used for secondary as well as tertiary packaging.
  • Laminated paper with embossed multicolor printing is done for branding purpose.

Corrugated Rolls

  • Generally used to pack products of uneven shape or to provide extra protection
  • E.g. to pack Furniture articles like closets, chairs, doors, glass, sofas, etc.

Corrugated Sheets

  • Generally used to stabilize layers on a pallet, be packed inside a box to divide products, creased to suit the customers dimensions to wrap around a product to offer protection.

Pallet Packing

  • 7 ply/9 ply/11 ply hard coated sheet is wrapped around the pallet along with edge board protectors for ultimate safety of the product.